Couple and Parental Support

Couple’s sessions are designed to support each couple in developing insight, understanding and appreciation for each other’s unique design. Sessions are tailor made to each couple, address current challenges and develop the necessary skills to have a fulfilling and stronger relationship.  Each couple will complete and receive the Prepare/Enrich Assessment. This customized and comprehensive assessment has been proven to strengthen the relationship, has been completed by more than 4,000,000 couples and is supported by 35 years of research and experience.

Premarital: Couples will receive insight into their relationship dynamics to help identify areas of needed growth, potential challenges and develop the necessary skills to address these areas.

*The state of Georgia will waive the marriage license fee for those couples that complete a marriage education program. 

Married: For couples seeking enrichment to couples who are in crisis. The assessment and sessions will help to refine skills, strengthen connection, understand complex dynamics and rebuild confidence in the relationship.

Parenting: Couples will develop insight into their individual parenting style with each child. Family communication, child behavioral concerns, parenting confidence, parental cohesion and parenting stress are some of the areas focused upon in addition to how to keep the marriage strong while parenting.

Pre Adoption/Fostering:  Couples will identify all expectations and engage in healthy discussion as they prepare to bring an adopted/foster child into their family system.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions are also available for couples and parents. These sessions will also utilize the results and growth areas from the assessment. 


*Information used was gathered from the Prepare/Enrich training materials and website.